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2021 Taiwan tax relief for COVID 19

Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) issued a ruling on 6 August 2021 providing that certain profit-seeking enterprises may apply to be exempt from making the provisional income tax payment to be due on end of September. The provisional tax is only deferred, however, and will have to be paid later next year. To benefit from the exemption, profit-seeking enterprises must meet one of the following 2 conditions and file an application, with supporting documentation, to their local tax office:

  • The competent authorities of their respective industries have recognized that they are eligible for relief measures as set out in the related regulations; or

  • Their sales declined significantly over a short period of time (e.g., the sales for any 1 month or the average sales for any 2 consecutive months since January 2021 was 15% lower than the average turnover for the six months prior to December 2019 or the same period in 2018 to 2020)

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