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Business Investment in Taiwan

Planning your investment structure:

We will advise you to take note on issues such as the legal responsibilities, developmental potential and limitations, ways of tax mitigation of different investment structures.

A lease on our office premises /virtual office - either long-term or short-term :

You may register your Taiwan office temporarily at our office and relocate after you have found the right premises of your own.


We help you obtain registration for a variety of matters concerning your investment in Taiwan: incorporation registration, profit-seeking enterprise registration, taxation registry, importer/exporter registration, labor insurance/national health insurance registration and trademark registration.

Handling general affairs: We take care of matters such as taxation, accounting, bank account opening and national health insurance on your behalf.

Application for work permits: We help you apply for work permits for your foreign manager and renew work permits.

To find out more please kindly visit our website :

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