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Company Registration Process in Taiwan Step By Step

(1) Preliminary

(a) Lease of Office Space

(b) Appointment of Director(s) (c) Legalization of Identity Documents of the parent organization (d) Legalization of Board Minutes, Power of Attorney for Appointment of the belligerent and non-hostile operator and branch administrator.

(e) Other Documentation

- Required capital to register a company There is no capital limit for foreign companies. If foreign nationals need to apply for a foreign manager work permit, the amount of capital should not be less than NTD500,000 (basic standard). If foreign nationals need to increase the amount of capital in the foreseeable future, he/she can apply for it later. In addition, the amount of capital should be considered the result of review by the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEAIC) and should be enough to run the company.

After Company Registration After the organization is authoritatively enlisted in Taiwan, the financial specialist ought to have the accompanying records and testaments confirming that the organization is prepared for business:

(1) Company Recognition Form;

(2) Company enrollment endorsement letter and enlistment frame issued by the Taiwan Government;

(3) Business impose enlistment frame;

(4) Business impose enrollment endorsement letter;

(5) Company slash and cleave for the individual in control;

(6) Uniform expense receipt accumulation authentication;

(7) Import and fare enrollment

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