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Foreign Professionals Work Permit Questions

Foreign Professionals Work Permit Questions

1. Can foreigners apply for foreign professionals’ work permits?

Yes. The capital of the newly-established company is equal to or more than NTD$500,000 and a foreigner owns at least 1/3 of capital, which can apply for a work permit for its manager. The validity period of the work permit is 1-3 years; the term of the work permit depends on the Ministry of Labor.

2. Can foreign shareholders hire themselves as managers?

Yes, the foreign nationals in charge or shareholders of a foreign-invested company who can hire themselves as the manager or hire someone else (non-shareholder) as the manager.

3. Can I apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) after I got the foreign professionals’ work permit?

Yes. Anyone who got the foreign professionals’ work permit can apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) to the Immigration Department. The term of an ARC is the same as the work permit approval.

4. Can the foreign professionals’ work permit be renewed?

Yes. The extension of the work permit depends on the company's turnover meets the regulations: The work permit should be renewed if the company has been established for more than 1 year and the sum of business last year or over the past 3 years reached an average of NT$3 million or more.

5. Are family members of foreign professionals allowed to stay in Taiwan?

Yes. Only his/her spouse and minor children can stay in Taiwan.

6. Any chance for the foreign professionals to apply for an APRC after obtaining the ARC?

Yes. Foreign nationals can apply for an APRC as long as they have obtained an ARC for 5 consecutive years. People from Hong Kong and Macau who are not investment immigrants can only apply for long-term residence and cannot apply for permanent residence.

7. Why so many foreign entrepreneurs ask us to help them to set up their companies in Taiwan?

Our team members include local Taiwanese and foreigners. We know what foreigners’ needs are. We know the challenges and we can provide solutions to you. We help many people to set up their own companies for more than ten years, we have hands-on experience and we understand the needs and regulations of foreign companies, we are committed to providing one-stop services such as foreign company establishment, office rental, tax accounting, work permit and ARC applications, etc. Our customers come from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, France, German, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.......etc.

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