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mandatory employee benefits

Employers in Taiwan are required by law to provide employee benefits. These include setting up employees with social security and paying for health insurance, employment insurance, and labor insurance. Explained below are the employee statutory benefits in Taiwan:

National health insurance (NHI)

National health insurance contribution allocated among the employer (60%), employee (30%), and the government (10%).

Labor insurance

Taiwanese Legal Entities with more than 5 employees must contribute to labor insurance. The labor insurance is shared by the employers (70%), employees (20%) and the government (10%). The maximum monthly insurance salary is TWD 45,800( For the latest information may visit to the government website)

Employment Insurance

Companies with at least one employee in Taiwan must contribute to the insurer’s employment service insurance premium.

Social Security

At least 6% of employees’ monthly wages shall be contributed by the employers in Taiwan.

Taiwan also has a household registration system. However, the system is less strict than in other countries, and employees’ benefits are not closely tied to it.

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