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Required Documents for Company Registration

1. Application letter (Original)

  (*Shall submit the Chinese Version)

2. Foreign / mainland investment approval and the approval certifying the foreign investors capital remittance issued by the Investment Commission, MOEA (Photocopy)

3. Approval letter issued by competent government authorities if the business requires special permission (Photocopy)

4. Articles of incorporation (Photocopy)

5. Shareholder(s) Agreement (Photocopy)

6. Consent to act as Director (Photocopy)

  (*Not required if Director signed on the Shareholder Agreement)

7. Identification documents of director(s) and shareholder(s) (Photocopy)

  a. Domestic natural person: Identity Card

  b. Foreign natural person: Passport, Resident Certificate or other certificate of nationality

  c. Domestic juristic person : Not required for registered companies

  d. Foreign juristic person: Certificate of incorporation

8. Designation of Representatives if shareholder is a juristic person (Photocopy)

9. Landlord letter of consent or a house lease contract ; latest house tax bill or a house ownership certificate (Photocopy)

10. Power of Attorney if the application is filed by a CPA or a lawyer (Photocopy)

11. Registration Form (Original in duplicate)

  (*Shall submit the Chinese Version)

12. CPA Power of Attorney ; Capital Audit Report and its Attachment (Original)

13. Business Location Enquiry Form for Land Use Zoning Control and

  Construction Management Requirements

  (Only required by registration in Taipei City ; shall submit in Chinese Version)

14. Registration Fee: 1/4000 of authorized capital or minimum NT$1,000.

Note: The Application Letter (Item 1), Registration Form (Item 11) and Business Enquriy Form (Item 13) are only accepted in Chinese Version. Other documents filed in foreign languages shall submit Chinese translation as well.

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