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Taiwan Foreign Company Registration

Taiwan Foreign Company Registration Process

Our service area: Taiwan foreign company registration service;

  • Company registration service in Taiwan (private limited company, LLC, subsidiary, branch office);

  • Accounts, income tax, audit and financial advisory service in Taiwan ;

Let discuss the steps of the company registration process in Taiwan:-

  • The proposed company name should be ensured for approval at first after then next steps like a place what shall be used correspondence, MOA, Papers those are attested by the person of government-endorsed, license for starting, and others those required permissions including VAT to doing foreign trading;

  • Incorporation of the subsidiary firm is given by the ministry of economic affairs through approval of the investment commission;

  • Corporate tax 17% when turning over TWD one hundred and twenty thousand;

  • The entity may apply for the incentive of taxation, they may remit the sum of US Dollar one hundred thousand;

  • VAT is applied 5 to 10 percent on import goods;

  • Royalty facilities can be twenty percent in Taiwan foreign company registration;

  • Two share members and three directors with one supervisor are required to form such entity, provided that no lowest amount share wealth is need;

  • Between two parties of Taiwan and non-residence make an agreement to begin a business together is called joint venture that is allowed as the law of the country;

  • Banks, local and international, helps the institutes to open a bank account and enjoy credit as banking law;

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