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The pros of opening a company in Taiwan

  • Taiwan is located in the center of Asia-Pacific, which puts it in an advantageous position to make use of global production resources and the marketplace. The average flying time from Taipei to the 6 major cities, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney, in Western Pacific is merely within 3 hours;

  • Competitive tax rate. Taiwan’s corporate income tax rate is 20%, comparatively lower than Japan, Korea, China. The VAT rate is 5%, which is lower than Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore;

  • It is relatively easy, when compared to other Asian countries, to open a business bank account and transfer funds internationally, if you provide the required documents to the bank

  • In order to attract foreign professionals, foreigners with expertise can get a work permit easier than many other Asian countries and enjoy the favorable income tax incentives;

  • Taiwan government established specific-purpose zones that can suit the changing business demands. There are 10 export processing zones, 174 industrial parks, 3 science parks, 2 agricultural technology parks, 4 environmental science, technology parks, and 7 free trade zones;

  • The distribution of industrial clusters in Taiwan can generally be broken down into electronics and technology in the north, precision machinery in central regions, and petrochemicals and heavy industry in the south. It offers an industrial supply chain that can meet client needs, fast responses and quickly provides customized components and products.

  • Taiwan’s intellectual property laws are open and transparent. Not only they meet the basic guidelines established under international treaties, but also undergo revisions in response to business and international intellectual property law developments.

  • Taiwan’s excellent labor force is boosted by its universal education system, which each year adds more than 300,000 new graduates at the junior college and university level or above. According to a recent survey, 51% of the labor force had at least a bachelor degree.

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