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To Live in Taiwan

Employment as a manager of foreign invested limited company or branch

  • Qualification of foreigner:20 years old.

  • Qualification of company:

    • at least 1/3 of capital owned by foreigner

    • company setup less than one year: Capital not less than TWD 500,000 TWD

    • company setup over one year: revenue over 3,000,000 TWD in pass 12 month or previous year.

    • Qualification of mininum salary: TWD 24,000 per month.

  • Extend: Company must have 3,000,000 TWD revenue in last year or average in last 3 years. will get 24~36 months extend.

  • Continually stay in Taiwan over 183 days a year for 5 years, may apply permanent residency or naturalization.

To find out more can visit our website :

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